OFFERING performance @ Siren Arts
Aug 5 @ 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Please join us for this performance at Asbury Park, NJ as part of Transformer’s Siren Arts Program, which this year is called RIPPLE.  Click here for  Press Release.

Transformer celebrates the 5th year of our Siren Arts program back on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ this summer, supporting 5 east coast based artists presenting innovative performance art works that address human & environmental interconnectedness. Each artists’ 3 day beach residency includes public artist talks 6pm Wednesdays at The Asbury Hotel’s Salvation rooftop space, and performances 7pm Thursdays on the 2nd Avenue Beach: 

July 20 – 22: JungWoong Kim & Germaine Ingram (Philadelphia, PA)
July 27 – 29: Armando Lopez-Bircann (Washington, DC)
August 3 – 5: Monica Jahan Bose (Washington, DC)
August 10 – 12: Jaime Sunwoo & Johnnie Cruise Mercer (Brooklyn, NY)
August 17 – 19: Eli Barak (Baltimore, MD)

Performances will last approximately 30-40 minutes and are open to all audiences free of charge. Audiences are encouraged to gather on the 2nd Ave beach at 6:45pm, bringing beach towels or chairs for seating. In case of rain, performances will be taking place in the Casino Breezeway of the Asbury Park Boardwalk.
Performance by Monica Jahan Bose, August 5 at 7 pm a the 2nd Avenue Beach, Asbury Park.
Artist’s talk by Monica Jahan Bose, August 4 at 6 pm The Asbury Hotel’s Salvation rooftop space, 210 5th Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712 

In Offering, Bangladeshi-American artist Monica Jahan Bose draws on rituals using water, turmeric, salt, and saris to speak to climate change, rising waters, and salt incursion into agricultural soil. Offering is part of her ongoing climate justice art project Storytelling with Saris (started in 2012), which collaborates with women from her ancestral island village and people in the US. The sari, a precolonial garment that is passed down through generations and never discarded, represents continuity and renewal. Bose makes offerings to the wind, sand, and sea towards the goal of renewal and cleansing. With a circle of handwoven climate-themed saris, she reates a healing space, offering the opportunity to increase our connection with the Earth and inspire us to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and cool down our planet. The public is invited to join the performance. 

Monica Jahan Bose is a Bangladeshi-American artist and climate activist whose work spans painting, printmaking, film, performance and public art. Her socially engaged work highlights the intersection of climate, racial, gender, and economic injustice through co-created workshops, art actions, and temporary public art installations and performances. She is the creator of STORYTELLING WITH SARIS (launched  in 2012), an ongoing art and advocacy project with her ancestral village of Katakhali, Bangladesh.

Photo credit: Ben Droz, from Rising performance in Miami Beach ©2018 Monica Jahan Bose.

RENEW Exhibition @ Kohl Gallery, Washington College
Aug 31 @ 10:00 AM – Oct 1 @ 4:30 PM

Reception, workshop, and artist’s talk:  September 15, 2021 at 3 pm.

Exhibition dates: August 31-October 1, 2021.


RENEW is a solo-exhibition of the work of Bangladeshi-American artist and climate activist Monica Jahan Bose.  Bose will be a visiting artist at Washington College, which is in Chestertown, Maryland, a riverfront community on the frontlines of climate change in the Chesapeake Bay region.  She will meet the students and visit their studios, present her exhibition, and organize a hands-on public workshop and talk in the gallery.  The show includes paintings, handprinted collaborative saris, sculptures, works on paper, books, and performance video, all of which speak to climate justice and the need to renew our relationship with the Earth, move towards renewable energy, and renew our commitment to ecological living.


Shuishuta performance @ Legacy Art Gallery
Nov 8 @ 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Shuishuta performance @ Legacy Art Gallery


I am excited to present my work for the first time in Canada as part of the Gendered Threads of Globalization Conference oganized by Melia Belli-Bose at University of Victoria.  I will be creating a performance as well as lecturing in undergraduate and graduate classrooms. The event has been postponed and is currently planned for November 2021.  Stay tuned for details.  The public lecture/performance will be at the Legacy Gallery, Downtown, 630 Yates St, Victoria, B.C., Canada.

ShuiShuta (Needle & Thread):  an interactive performance/installation

Bangladeshi-American feminist artist Monica Jahan Bose creates a performance with hand-woven saris from Bangladesh, exploring questions of labor, gender & industry, including the inequitable gender impacts of the garment industry and climate change.  Bose uses the hand-woven cotton sari as a symbol for women’s bodies and the cycle of life on our planet.  She invites viewers to join the performance by sewing with her and writing or drawing personal climate pledges on a sari. The sari will later be worn as a garment by a coastal woman in Bangladesh.  The performance is woman-led, but allies of all genders may join. 

Conference details here.