Super Online Workshop!

Thanks to everyone who joined our WARMING WATERS workshop number 6 on April 7, 2020. Because of the pandemic, we had to do an online workshop on Zoom. In addition to a large number of DC area folks, we had people join from New York and Bangladesh. The sari was made based on the suggestions of the participants. The project is supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Below there is a link to the Zoom video and some images of the sari and artwork. Here is what Maps Glover had to say about it:

What a beautiful space to gather during these unexpected times. We came together to create and share and express how we all need each other. There is something so magical about this time. Even in the dark we see the light ! 
I was so inspired by the range of locations this virtual workshop was able to include . Meeting people from around the world and next door with just the click of a button. It was beautiful seeing the drawings we created and the sari that was painted with everyone’s voice. I look forward to being  in the space with everyone after all of this craziness is over.
With light,  

Maps Glover

Two new poems were finished during the workshop.

Mother Earth  by Sonja Berry

Pledging to reduce your carbon footprint requires a commitment to change.

Rearrange your priorities and consider mother’s nature, mother’s light, mother’s fire and mother’s height. Mother’s waters and mother’s winds

As we consider what we can do I suggest you ride a bike, take a hike

Use energy efficient bulbs and plant lots of seeds to spread mother’s love.

Changing Sari by Rashika Johnson

I wanna change the world it has to start with me 

We gotta change the world just need a helping hand 

I can’t do it alone we can sing a pretty song 

No beef, more walking, less littering

So we would have to say sorry 

Just keep wearing saris 

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