COP28 BBC Article

We were featured in the BBC’s coverage of the first day of the UN’s COP28 climate conference in Dubai, UAE:

‘We’re losing our heritage and language’ by

Malu Cursino

Live reporter, at COP28

A little earlier I spoke to Bangladeshi American artist and activist Monica Jahan Bose.

Countries like Bangladesh have entire coastal areas at risk from climate change, impacting food crops as well as people’s health.

“The health impacts right now in terms of disease, in terms of more asthma, in terms of more viruses, it’s really terrible,” she says, adding that the impact is worse on women, children and the elderly.

Bose, a former environmental lawyer, says community damage is “astronomical” and goes beyond economics, expanding to the loss of heritage and language.

Through her project, Storytelling with Saris, Bose sheds light on the work of women farmers from Katakhali, Bangladesh.

“I do hope … there’s more emphasis placed in understanding the loss of heritage and culture that’s happening,” she tells me, adding that “solutions and reparations” are necessary. 

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