We had an online launch on December 13, 2023 to get started on SWIMMING, a new public art project that explores the deep and essential connections we have to water as our world faces increased flooding and rising sea levels due to climate change. When installed in June 2024 at the Marie Reed Community & Aquatic Center in Washington DC, SWIMMING will feature a “pool” of art-embellished saris, along with a sound walk, performances, film screenings, and poetry readings.  During the launch, artist and climate activist Monica Jahan Bose introduced the project and led a poetry and art workshop where participants created poetry and art inspired by the healing properties of water and swimming and inequities in access. SWIMMING is part of Bose’s art and advocacy project Storytelling with Saris.  Started over a decade ago, the project has fostered collaboration with women from Bose’s ancestral island in Bangladesh as well as residents of DC and people around the world.

Monica Jahan Bose led the workshop, which was also attended by curator Sarah Tanguy and sound designer Sonia Herrero and multiple participants.

Our launch workshop involved discussion and poetry writing and was streamed online. Many people joined the stream and sent in their poems. You can see the video here and write your poem and email to

Check this website under Events to find out about the next workshop.

-Monica Jahan Bose, January 6, 2023


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