Rural Women & Climate Change

September 15, 2018 @ 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Napa Bookmine
964 Pearl St
Napa, CA 94559
Elayna Trucker

Please join Napa Bookmine for a special book discussion, film screening, and sari art with artist and climate activist Monica Jahan Bose, author of Rising Up to Climate Change: Storytelling with Saris.  In celebration of Latino Heritage Month, the event will be bilingual with Spanish/English Translation and Monica will be in conversation with Napa Valley artivist Xulio Soriano, who will share climate stories from Mexico and California.  Napa Sierra Club, Healing Walk Napa Valley, and Napa Climate NOW also endorse and are c0-sponsoring this event.

Napa Bookmine

964 Pearl St.

Napa, CA 94559

Saturday, September 15, 2018, 5 – 7 pm

Refreshments served. All ages welcome.  

Monica Jahan Bose is a Bangladeshi-American artist, lawyer, and activist whose practice includes painting, performance, photography, film, and writing. She works in collaboration with rural and urban communities to address issues around gender and climate change.  Monica is presenting her work for the first time in the Bay Area, as part of the Sierra Club’s Women Leaders in Global Climate Action, an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit hosted by Governor Jerry Brown.

Monica’s ongoing feminist collaborative project Storytelling with Saris has traveled to nine states and several countries and been featured in numerous publications and TV and radio programs. She has collaborated with the International Centre for Climate Change and Development and the Sierra Club on empowerment workshops that highlight the disparate gender impacts of climate change and encourage people to make promises to reduce their individual carbon footprint.  She recently returned from a large-scale public art project in Athens, Greece, supported by the City of Athens and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (through the NEA).  Her first art book Her Words: Storytelling with Saris was featured in book events in Bangladesh, the US, and France. 

Her new art book Rising Up to Climate Change: Storytelling with Saris features 95 stunning images from her climate art actions along with writings and Bengali songs (with Bose’s own translations). She has a BA in the practice of art (painting) and mathematics from Wesleyan University, a post-graduate diploma in art from Santiniketan, India, and a JD from Columbia Law.  She lives in Washington, DC.


Xulio Soriano:

Xulio Soriano is a grassroots community organizer and poet from Napa, California born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico. A descendant of the Mixteca Indigenous people, he has focused on assisting marginalized groups within the Indigenous and Latino communities. His work is centered around the intersection of education, art, and socio-ecological impact. He is currently Executive Director 2 of the Movimiento Cultural de la Unión Indígena – MCUI, a non-profit that advocates for and serves indigenous farm workers in the North Bay Area. Soriano is a co-founder of multiple grassroots organizations, including Napa Valley Dream Team, Napa Valley Rapid Response, and Healing Walk Napa Valley. In early 2018 he co-presented at a panel at the United Nations in New York City with the Women’s Intercultural Network on the topic of Indigenous farm worker women in rural agricultural areas of California and the effects that climate change has had on them.


La librería Napa Bookmine les invita a una plática literaria y una presentación de una película. También se presentará el arte interactivo sari de la artista y activista climática Monica Jahan Bose, autora del libro “Levantándose por el cambio climático: historias por medio de saris.” En celebración de El Mes de Herencia Latina, el evento será bilingüe con traducción en español-inglés. Monica estará en conversación con Xulio Soriano, un poeta y activista socio-ecológico con raíces indígenas mixtecas. Soriano compartirá historias de cambio climático en México y California. Monica compartirá una parte de su película y dará autógrafos para su nuevo libro. Dibujaremos y escribiremos compromisos por el clima en sari de Bangladesh.

Se servirán bebidas. Todas edades bienvenidas.


Monica Jahan Bose es una artista, licenciada en derecho, y activista cuya práctica incluye pintura, obras, cine, y escritura. Trabaja en colaboración con comunidades rurales y urbanas en su pueblo natal de Bangladesh en India para concientizar y encontrar soluciones entre el género y el cambio climático. Monica radica en Washington, DC y por primera vez presenta sus obras y trabajo en el Área de la Bahía como parte de Mujeres Líderes en Cambio Climático por parte de la organización Sierra Club. Mónica estudió en la Universidad Wesleyan y la Universidad Berkeley. Estudió leyes en la Universidad Columbia donde recibió su título en leyes.

Xulio es un poeta y organizador de movimientos de base radicado en el Valle de Napa. Nació en Oaxaca, México y es de la comunidad indígena Mixteca. Su trabajo se enfoca en impacto socio-ecológico y en comunidades indígenas e hispanohablantes marginadas. Es un director ejecutivo de la asociación civil Movimiento Cultural De la Unión Indígena. Es cofundador de Napa Valley Dream Team, Red de Respuesta Rápida del Valle de Napa, y la Caminata de Sanación del Valle de Napa. A principios del 2018 co-presentó en un panel en Las Naciones Unidas en la ciudad de Nueva York con la asociación civil Women’s Intercultural Network ( Red Intercultural de Mujeres) sobre el tema de cómo el cambio climática afecta a mujeres campesinas e las áreas rurales y agrícolas de California.



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