Fundraiser for Rising Up Film

February 15, 2018 @ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
EMK Center
MIDAS Center
House No. 05, Road No. 27 (Old), Rd No. 16, Dhaka 1209
Fundraiser for Rising Up Film @ EMK Center | Dhaka | Dhaka Division | Bangladesh

The EMK Center is pleased to invite you to a fundraiser and screening for the future film Rising Up to Climate Change: Storytelling with Saris. The film looks at the impact of climate change on women from Katakhali Village on the island of Barobaishdia in Patuakhali District through the lens of the Storytelling with Saris climate art advocacy project. It also follows the stories of Americans and Europeans who are making climate pledges on saris to reduce their carbon footprint. Unless the world takes immediate action, Bangladesh could lose 20% of its land, displacing 30 million people. Women disproportionately suffer the impacts of climate change because of cultural norms and the inequitable distribution of resources and power, especially in developing countries. Women’s leadership is also critical to addressing climate.

The all-woman film team includes Monica Jahan Bose, Leena Jayaswal, Nandita Ahmed, Shefali Akter Shetu, Dawne Langford, and Executive Producer Preema Nazia Andaleeb, as well as the women of the Katakhali Cooperative.

Bangladeshi-American artist Monica Jahan Bose has been working on the film since 2013, and Dhaka-based cinematographer Shefali Akhter Shetu joined the team in 2015. The women in the Katakhali community are also being provided several small cameras and training to self-document with film their lives and climate events such as extreme storms, cyclones, untimely rains, drought, and resulting damage and effects. The goal of the film is to empower individuals and communities around the world to take action to save Bangladesh and our entire planet from climate change.

Please join us for a screening of a 15 minute sample of the film followed by discussion. We are looking for partners to finish this important project highlighting women’s stories and their leadership in addressing climate change. Shefali Akhter Shetu will be present in person along with writer and activist Noorjahan Bose, Monica’s mother. Monica will join via Skype.

Monica Jahan Bose is a Bangladeshi-American artist, lawyer, and activist whose work spans performance, painting, film, photography, printmaking, and interdisciplinary projects. As an artist originating from Katakhali, Bangladesh, Monica brings her history into contemporary art, translating these experiences into immersive work. She is the creator of STORYTELLING WITH SARIS, a long-term collaborative art and advocacy project, which has been featured around the world, including recent exhibitions and art actions in Paris, Hawaii, and Washington DC. In 2015, Bose partnered with the International Centre on Climate Change and Development to create a climate awareness workshop in Katakhali, Bangladesh. Alongside her art practice, she practiced and taught environmental and human rights law for many years. Monica has received numerous commissions and awards for her interdisciplinary art work.

Shefali Akter Shetu founded and manages Aperture, Ltd. in the roles of Managing Director, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker. Since 1999, she has edited video and photography for Drik, SARPV, Panos Bangladesh, and World View International Foundation. In 2005, Shetu was given the Meena Media Award for the best documentary from UNICEF. She was also nominated for the best children’s film at Oberhausen Film Festival in 2004 for “One Lokman”, a documentary about a child street singer. In 2007-2008, she worked in India for DrikIndia through a professional skill sharing exchange program by Fredkorpset. Born in Comilla, Bangladesh, she now lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In December 2015, she joined the Storytelling with Saris team as cinematographer and editor.

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